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Nov 30 — Dec 3, 2023 | Mayto Beach, MX


The second annual Ayotl Beach Festival will take place Nov 30 — Dec 3, 2023 in Jalisco, Mexico, in one of the most beautiful and unexplored places in the Pacific Ocean, Mayto Beach.

Ayotl — meaning "turtle shell" in the local native language of Nahuatl — represents not only the local turtle population, but further a way to honor the people of this region. Ayotl Beach Fest was created to benefit two causes: the sea turtle conservation project and the Cabo Corrientes School Foundation, which was formed to provide educational resources to children in the area's surrounding communities. Giving back to the people while experiencing the beauty of Mayto, beautiful beach music and being present with like-minded individuals to raise money and awareness for a good cause is our goal, making Ayotl Beach Fest the ultimate destination music festival experience.

HIRIE & friends will be performing some amazing intimate sets throughout the four day event as well as hanging by the pool and exploring the local community! (Full line up coming soon).

As mentioned, a portion of profits of Ayotl Beach Fest will go to benefit our Cabo Corrientes School Foundation, formed in 2017 and committed to providing communities with educational resources that they would not receive otherwise. At this time, many of the local community children have to walk an hour each way in order to attend school, which can be a huge deterrent. The funds from Ayotl Beach Fest will be used to fund the purchase of a school bus, gasoline, as well as the hiring of a dedicated bus driver to support the students in the Mayto/Cabo Corrientes region.

Also benefiting from your visit to Ayotl Beach Fest is the sea turtle conservation project. Human activity has had a direct negative impact on the survival of species. Sea turtles are vulnerable to climate change, industrial fishing, plastic pollution, consumption of their eggs and meat by humans and stray dogs, among other things. Nearly all species of sea turtles are now classified as endangered, with three of the seven existing species currently critically endangered. The Olive Ridley sea turtle, named for its olive green color, is the species with the largest nesting record on Mayto Beach, followed by the "tortuga verde" or green sea turtle. Our sea turtle conservation project is year-round, dedicating time to upping the survival rate of these beautiful creatures through education and preservation of their nesting sites.

Your attendance at Ayotl Beach Fest means so much more than merely attending an incredible destination event, you will be giving back to an area that needs it and benefiting the lives of future generations to come.

Ayotl Beach Festival will once again be held at the beautiful Hotel Mayto Paradise Club in Mayto Beach, Jalisco, Mexico. Passes are limited so sign up for the wait list and get your passes as soon as they go on sale!